MakeSouthWest is a network of community-led maker spaces, educational establishments and industry partners developing creative manufacturing in the South West, supported by the Royal Society of the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce. It aims to widen access to resources, and develop the best possible pool of talent to stimulate growth, innovation, and creativity in the region.

The South West of England is a unique region with developing cities and rural expanses. It is in many ways representative of the wider UK, yet small and cohesive enough for individuals to feel that they have a personal stake in its advancement. The development of people and skills within creative industries, and modern manufacturing is crucial to the future of the UK. MakeSouthWest intends to lead the proactive engagement of community and industry to develop our maker culture and creative manufacturing – with the lessons and successes being applicable across the UK.


The MakeSouthWest network is founded on a number of core principles which sustain its mission and are shared by all supporters:

  • Promote a positive social and environmental impacts
  • Engage diverse sectors and communities
  • Enable the sharing of skills and learning
  • Establishing the unique characteristics of the South West