Bristol Maker Lab

The Eagle House Pop Up Furniture Factory brings together artists, makers and local people to create and upcycle beautiful furniture. The project employs three local people, who are gaining training in digital manufacturing whilst helping to deliver a large commercial furniture contract to the new Filwood Green Business Park, including over one hundred pieces of new furniture and up to five hundred pieces of up-cycled ex-council office furniture.

This pilot scheme is part of Knowle West Media Centre’s plan for a Bristol Maker Lab, which will create jobs and open up access to digital manufacturing equipment so everyone can make it, and addresses a city-wide need for new skills, sustainable employment and innovative business creation.

It does this by providing open public access to digital manufacturing equipment and expertise, supporting a vibrant community of green innovation, creativity and enterprise. Bristol Maker Lab is intended for use by the general public, artists, graduates, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and sole traders, universities and corporates, R&D and business development.